1. Hhahhahhahaaaa…..
        I have no suggestions about the dickish part, sorry!
        lots of water, lots of baths and showers, sugar and then my same above suggestion. You’ll feel better soon enough

  1. If it makes you feel better, according to my shoddy math, I have 118 days- it feels like it’s only a couple months and it’s almost double that! It’s going way faster now. The beginning seriously crept by. crept.

  2. I enjoy the “I’m Done Drinking” App for iPhone. It counts days, hours, minutes, drinks not consumed, calories saved and cash saved by the second like a stop watch. Makes me feel like every second is progress. One month, 15 days is outstanding!

    1. I tried to do that one but it started counting from the time I put in my date so it always flipped to the next day around lunch time rather than at midnight! Do you know what I’m talking about? It bothered me that it wasn’t in sync with the 24 hour clock and rather was counting based on the time that I downloaded it and typed my sober date.

  3. I’m on day 7 today. It is definitely slow in the beginning but I’ve really started to see subtle signs of progress. Less bloating, better sleep, less bags under my eyes and no hangover days this week. Woo Hoo!! I usually had at least three of those a week and the unproductive days that came along with it. I try and look for the silver lining every day.

    I’m super into music and listen to the song “I’m Alive” by Kenny Chesney (w/ Dave Matthews) every day during my runs. It reminds me of how precious life is and how wonderful it can be – sober!!!! I’m not much of a country music fan but the lyrics really hit home every time. I couldn’t even run two times a week before……too hungover all the time. This week, I’ve run 4 days. So, I’ve double my progress, I guess.

    Keep your head up!! Without this blog, I’m not sure I’d be on day 7. I’ve been reading posts every single day and this is my first post. It’s so helpful to know there are others out there just like me. Thank you for your honesty.

  4. Which app is this? The one I have only counts days, so I can’t see when I pass any months. And I agree about the time setting on the I’m done drinking app – they probably should have realized that um, accuracy is kinda important to people counting their sobriety. So many congrats on all you’re doing, it’s been amazing to read you kind of emerge after those very blue first posts into this amazing hilarious sober person.

    1. This app is called I AM SOBER. And thanks so much for reading! It makes me feel not alone and I hope the things I write make others feel not alone as well.

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