Happy Saturday! A few friends invited us to Cape Cod in August and I’ve been a little apprehensive and confused about how to respond. I want to go but need them to know that I won’t be stupid drunk like I usually am. Just hit send on an email. PI’ll keep you in the loop when they respond!

This sounds like a lot of fun! It would be great to see you all and to take the puppy on his first ocean adventure. I think he is really anxious to do some swimming. Yesterday he seemed like he was a little hot when we got home so I held him in front of the air conditioner so the cool air could blow on him and HE STARTED DOG PADDLING. Slow at first. Then faster and faster like he was an Olympic swimmer.

The house looks really cute! We chatted and we think it would be great. We just can’t stay the whole week because of work situations but could probably swing a 4 day weekend if we can talk to our respective bosses ahead of time. Like maybe we’d rent a car Thursday morning early and then spend three nights with you all and come back Sunday? How would the pricing work in terms of us paying you guys for our time there?

Also, not that it’s a big deal, but since the opportunity presents itself I just thought I’d let you guys know that I recently stopped drinking alcohol and have been sober for almost three months. Alcoholism runs in my family and things were getting a little too alcoholic-y for my own comfort so with the amazing support of (name of boyfriend), I decided to make some changes. I only mention this because it’s a VACATION and I obviously want you all to have fun in whatever way you want but didn’t want it to be surprising to you when I’m binge drinking La Croix and other seltzer products if we go.




  1. Very well done. I’m sure your friends will embrace the new you. Shit, for all you know they might be thankful you aren’t killing yourself anymore either!! NSounds like a great getaway. Enjoy! Don’t forget the life jacket for puppy!

    1. Thank you! They were very sweet about it and even offered to be booze free themselves. It’s their vacation and I was just invited so I told them to do what they needed to do and I’d do my thing and be fine!

  2. Hi. My 90 days today and it is a big deal! You sound like you are apologizing for not drinking anymore. That is downright stupid. Sorry to be blunt you know I love you! It should go something like this! Thanks so much for the invite. We would love to come. Btw. I am not drinking thse days. I felt a little controlled by alchohol and didn’t enjoy that feeling. I feel great now! (You are a better writer than me, interject all your humor). Loving my life so much more! Etc. all the positives.

    Then you bring your own stuff to drink la croix Perrier cranberry juice. Limes. And you offer to them and say wow this drink is so refreshing!!!

    You don’t have to apologize. Like you would apologize for having cancer or diabetes. Just my take!

    1. Hm. Read it back a few times and I’m not really seeing where I’m apologizing. As a matter of fact, your example of what to say is, like, exactly what I’m saying in my email.

  3. I think the email is perfect (and I think your puppy sounds SOOO cute) if your friends aren’t fine with this and make you feel at all uncomfortable I would be taking a break from that friendship also. Stay strong.

  4. Well done and very brave of you to spread the word to your friends! I am sure they will be so supportive and happy for you! Via (Day 47). I read all your posts and learn so much from them. This weekend has been tough, but Day 50 on the horizon has really helped!

  5. I love the adjective alcoholic-y! That’s exactly what I’m talking about. And love me some LaCroix! The grapefruit is the best. Enjoy. The Cape is just perfect in August.

  6. Fab email: ) Just the thing. I’ve found letting people know in advance has helped a lot, takes the pressure off worrying about the event if you know you’ve got that hurdle over with… and I’ve found people have been great about it. I’m sure your friends will be too – hope you have a great trip! xx

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