Every once in a while, I click on the WordPress page that shows me who is visiting my blog. SOOO many people from all over the world are landing here. It’s so insane. In a good way. It makes me feel like I’m in a big giant virtual room with all of you just hanging out playing pat-a-cake and drinking Capri Suns.

Then I started thinking about how many people visit, read, and never say hi! SAY HI!

Also, it looks as if searching for my blog by name is a pretty common thing amongst those who come and read. Ya’ll know you can put in your email address and it will tell you when I write something stupid, right? Look over to your right. See it? No pressure but you totally don’t have to scour the web for me when you want to see what I’m up to!

I subscribe to so many blogs that I set up a separate email address for myself and it’s like Christmas every morning. When I see Mrs. D has posted, I have to stop everything I’m doing and read. I’m probably following too many because I find it hard to find the time to comment because of work and stuff but I do read and applaud your bravery in my head. It’s so helpful in my recovery and might be for yours, too?

Speaking of searching the web for my blog, there is also a tab that shows you actual search terms that led people to you. Now, I’m a little confused how this works because for shits and giggles, I put a few of these search terms into Google and didn’t come across my blog. But WordPress says these are really what people typed in to find me either on purpose OR on accident. Maybe they are using another search engine other than Google? I don’t know.

Here are my favorites (copied and pasted exactly as they appear):

going to the chapel and we’re gonna get married

ehat trains can i take to madison square garden

dress for krumping

6year habgover

crazy thoughts on friends getting hangover

6 year sober guy

he says am sexy when sober.

24 days sober

post acute withdrawal and jaw clenching

i tired now

Okay, guys! Have a fucking awesome Tuesday. Don’t drink today. Gotta’ go! I tired now and need to go get dress for krumping. BYEEEEE. XO


  1. Holy shit. That list of search terms is going to make today awesome for me. I can’t decide which one I like best. If I get bored or annoyed, I’ll just go read it again.

    I am a shitty blog-follower. Your’s was easy to sign up to get emails, so I did it. Now I can ready your biznoss every day. And. Yeah.

  2. I subscribe to several too!!! It has proven to be a great tool for me and it’s a highlight of my day to see a new post in my email…especially yours!!! “Normies” are SO MISSING OUT!!!!

  3. You make sober so much more fun! Especially that last post about how weekends used to suck ass. I have dreaded sober weekends because I feared the boredom. Your perspective showed me that I do not have to waste my weekend getting/staying intoxicated and then spending the rest of it too ill to get out of bed. A simple concept that I really appreciate you pointing out. Thank you.

    1. We CAN have fun! And should. This is not a death sentence. It’s a LIFE sentence. We’ve been sentenced to life in the prison of joy with the possibility of parole IF we aren’t careful.

  4. I linked here from another blog. Not only did I see myself in your words, I was able to laugh about it. “omg, I put the empty bottle back in the freezer too!” and “they deliver alcohol to your door in NYC!?! That would be so awesome! Wait….” If I don’t laugh at the ridiculous lengths I’ve gone to keep alcohol in my life, I will cry, and I’m not feeling like that’s gonna be a good road for me.

  5. You know I read your blog each day, right?! And you make me laugh and relate and love you more with each and every post.

      1. That was a tell-tale sign of my real identity, wasn’t it?! How could I not have caught that? Ha!

  6. I’m so glad I have found your blog, it is wonderful. I have to say though, even though I am signed up to receive emails whenever you post, I never receive the emails until a day later and by that time I usually figure you have written something brilliant and inspiring that I NEED to read to get me through another day of sobriety and I will have visited here already to read it! Very strange. Perhaps it has something to do with web-based email, I dunno. Thanks for the laughs though, as always.

  7. oh how do you do that?? I can try on my blog! Loving your blog from the UK!! Whats krumping btw?

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