Last night was fucking scary, ya’ll. I’ve never seen so much electricity in the sky for such an extended period of time. The puppy was totally oblivious to what was going on and looked at me funny as I cowered in terror under the blankets. This morning, everything looks renewed and alive and vibrant. At the risk of sounding like a corny assface, this whole ordeal reminded me that the storm is part of our story. But it isn’t the WHOLE story. And there is gratitude to be found in the darkness because it makes us understand the true beauty of the light.

Okay. You can go throw up now. I know I’m being nauseatingly new age-y.

Pictured here is a view from my office just before all hell broke loose!


  1. God I hate thunder and lightning it scares the piss out of me.In Hawaii it rains pretty much everyday,but in the winter we get those huge ass storms that thunder and the waves are in the 30 ft range.Then you have to commando it down a windy 2 lane why home while the side of the mountain is washing giant boulders in your path.So on day two yeah for me dry July.Guess what I don’t have a giant hangover today.I actually opened one eye and realized it wasn’t going to hurt.I wasn’t going dreading getting up today.love your blogs you EN-courage me opposite of how I can DIS- courage me. Aloha

  2. it was truly electrifrying (bad pun?)..but i love what you have to say,it was scary and magnificent all at the same time,like sobriety,like life and all seems so well in the world today.

  3. I love the view from your office, that is amazing. You need a thunder buddy and if you have ever seen the movie TED you will understand 😉 keep up the good work and thanks so much for keeping us entertained and on the sober path.

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