Sobriety has turned me into a constant gardener. No fucking joke. I’ll tell you about it later. How was your sober 4th? And if it wasn’t sober, how are you today? No shame.

Here is a picture of my feet in my new zen space.



  1. Hi!! I have been reading you all day and so excited to see a post. I am on day 1 (yikes) and trying feel better. You have given me so much to laugh about and I have hung on every word! I can’t thank you enough! Please don’t stop writing. BTW my 4th sucked… Or what I can remember of it :(… But tomorrow is a new day!

    1. Novelcat, Day 5 for me and I already feel 100 times better. My skin even looks better already. Stay close. You will be glad you did ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Hey Novelcat…If you get a chance, go to and check out the forum. Something to add to your sober toolbox and help with your quit.

  2. Your zen space looks awesome! I love gardening too…it’s one of a few things that helps to stop the chatter in my head. Reminds me that from the darkest places comes the most beautiful things. Kinda like our sober new life. My fourth was sober and productive…..cleaned out my closet. My head is a little less cluttered now from the ridiculous amout of procrastination over this chore. Was a pain in the ass to do, but it’s done. AND I found lots of clothes I forgot I had! Just a suggestion….maybe string a strand of white lights out in your Zen space….I have some on my deck in a plant and it’s beautiful at night. You rock!

  3. Ironically, after my four year hangover, I spent day 5 gardening as well. I used to spend so much time feeling deathly hungover, looking out over my dead plants and overgrown weeds and would then bury my head in another bottle of booze. Today my patio looks amazing and colorful and healthy, just like I feelโ€ฆ.except for my aching back. Going to take some ibuprofen now and go to bed early. Looking forward to my sober sleep!
    Thanks for the weekend update.

  4. I had a great 4th. Went to a party and drank about 100 La Croix, but stayed sober ๐Ÿ™‚ Day 35 right here. Container plants on my porch is on my to-do list now that I have more time and money. Hooray!

  5. Hey there City Boy, greetings from a Country Girl. They say gardening’s good for the soul so lap it up! You never know, one day you’ll be out there with your scissors…manicuring your regrowth. Who’d have thought it?! Day 52 for me today and during those 52 days, your posts have helped me to keep the smile on my face. x

  6. Whoops…hit send on accident…on a lighter note…day 2 of 100 day challenge…I did 30 plus days no booze…with yall’s help I can do 100. Boom! Lovely patio! I have a huge garden…it does a soul good!

  7. How was my sober 4th… I alternate between what I was I thinking getting sober the Monday before a long holiday weekend, when my crazy in-laws were coming to visit to top it off (masochistic), and now that it is over thinking in could have been worse and at least I didn’t drink. I like your zen space ๐Ÿ™‚

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