I love Kristen Johnston. Aside from her obviously amazingly hilarious performance in 3rd Rock, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing her on stage before. I read her book GUTS a little while back and it really got me thinking about the privation of addiction and the stigma that surrounds it. I knew that I would come out to every single person I knew and her book really planted the seed in me that silence equals death.

Well how amazing that she would not only stop on by and read this blog but also tweet about it! Fucking fantastic. You really should check out her book!

In case you missed it, I told you my real name yesterday and put up a few pictures. It’s the post before this one. Have a lovely day, all! Hope you do a lot of humping.


  1. I read GUTS. It was incredible what that girl went through. Most of my first sober days and weeks I read blogs and books. They really saved me from going insane with knowing We were all in this together. And it’s true silence equals death. Slowly I am starting to talk to people about my problems. I joined Aa and going through the big book now. It’s amazing how in the 1930 s and 40 s that in 2014 this book is inspiring, just like you John and all the people I have come to really respect for their courage! Grateful for 108 days!

  2. oh my god oh my god oh my god that is like sooooo amazingly cool. The closest I’ve got to anything like that is MacKenzie Phillips ‘following’ me on twitter. I’m going to go and retweet her tweet right now!

  3. That’s so awesome.I just ordered her book over the weekend read the freebie part.That silence equals death made me get off my butt and get to a counselor.going Friday.

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