So my goal is to fall so much in love with life that I dance like this at weddings sober but stop short of destroying the reception.


  1. John,

    I am one of those still struggling but I found you several days ago and am now, a faithful follower.
    In 1974 and a sophomore in college, I was gathered with friends in a dorm room for a surprise birthday party.
    We’d all had some drinks but, true to form, I had managed to have more than others… .and after inspecting the full sized and beautifully decorated cake, I immediately turned around, and sat on it.

    The cake and icing was scraped off my ass and apologies were made but…
    I spoiled the wedding….

    Thank you for your blog, John.
    I have read other comments stating that you have written what they have been thinking.
    Ditto, for me.

    I am 58 and have been drinking for 40 years…
    It is time that I stop.


  2. Oh my goodness! The look on the bride’s face up until the tent toppled was priceless, but the ending was tragic. I don’t know how you’d even apologize for that – I mean, I know I’ve been trashy before, but I’ve never, ever pulled a stunt THAT bad. Wow – just wow!

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