A while ago, I signed up for the male version of Birchbox. It’s called Birchbox. I got it with the hope of coming across some miracle products that will prevent me from eventually looking like a bearded Dowager Countess of Grantham (Downton Abbey reference. That show is boring). So far, I haven’t found anything too great. Yesterday was no exception. They have only ever sent me grooming shit. But yesterday they decided it was time to tease me like a bunch of stupid assholes. A HIP FLASK? Girl, that’s a plastic bottle made in China. Who ARE these jokers? Maybe it’s time to cancel.

Going to use it for water when I take the puppy to the park. That’s hip, right?




  1. I subscribe to Birchbox too. I will not be happy to get a flask this month 😁. Great idea to give it to the puppy!

    1. Did you get one!? I think the women’s version of Birchbox wouldn’t dare send such a ghastly item to its members. You know… because women don’t drink. *straight face*

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