1. Good for you! Were only as sick as our secrets. You know how many times I lied about that? Funny how we think were so unique until we get sober and share the same experiences. Keep up the good work man.

  2. When I was drinking, this IS the reason I never went to the doctor. I was petrified the doctor would know just by looking at me (and he probably would) that I was a crazy alcoholic. I would envision him staring down at my chart and info and shaking his head, then through the exam, “hmm, yes, ok, ew, that’s not good” and then the awful truth that I was dying, which I already knew b/c if I kept drinking like I was, I would physically die. I had already “died’ emotionally from years isolated down the dark drunken ally.

    Now that I am 73 days sober, and damn proud of it, I welcome the question, how much alcohol do you consume – a BIG FAT ZERO, my friend. And the fact that I’m 73 days sober and can see the emotional, physical, psychological improvements that brings, I can face the discussion, bare the truth, reveal the secrets. Because I want to continue to get better and be better, as a person. And so do you, that’s why you were honest. 🙂

  3. I did that recently too, it was so much more freeing than I imagined it would be. I love seeing “zero” in the “number of drinks per week” field on her computer screen. It is honest, unlike the previous “6.”

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