I love you guys as much as Britney Spears loves lip syncing and auto tune. Really. I do.

In sobriety, I find it absolutely astounding that I can care about others who share this common illness without even really knowing much about them. It makes me so happy to wake up every day and have this space to get some things out of me and it’s AMAZING that you are able to read it and maybe it helps you a little, too.

So I’m headed to Cape Cod on Saturday and will be back on Tuesday. I have every intention of posting a bit while I’m there. Maybe some pictures and short thoughts. But I wanted ya’ll to know in case it seems like I disappeared somewhat.

It’s a very safe trip with safe people and I’m not going to drink. Trust. Stay sober with me.


It’s Britney Johnny, bitch.


  1. Have fun. Reflect in nature. Lay on the beach and veg. You deserve!!!!!
    It’s true. We all have a major thing in common and because we are so open with each other. We trust!
    Luv ya. Irishgirl aka Erin

  2. Have fun John. I live at the beach year round (Cape May, NJ) and it gives me such peace to watch the ocean and listen to the birds. I hope it’s wonderful weather for you.

  3. 3 years later and your gift of writing and sharing keeps on giving. THANK YOU for being here right now (even though it was 3 years ago). Time is so irrelevant. THIS BLOG, your honesty and humor is keeping me sane right now. Day 8 and counting…….Never made it more than a week in the last 7 years……(tears……..of sadness but also joy…oh the emotions…argh!). ❤ (heartshape).

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