I’m not stupid. I know Facebook robots read my posts and that they know that I got sober and that I no longer have a hard time with stairs as a result. But they are advertising at me in really weird ways. WHAT ARE THESE LADIES DOING???

Let’s have a little fun and caption this photo. The winner gets nothing.

Here is mine: Six months! Congrats, Crystal. Come here, girl. Let mama pop your back.

Here is another one: Conjoined twins Sarah and Samantha tried dying their hair different colors to embrace their own individuality. But when Sarah wanted to get sober and Samantha wanted to keep watching Law and Order drunk with her pants off every night, Sarah knew she had to take action to save them both. So she bought this smart top and from the moment she put it on, Samantha realized that Sarah was serious and that it was time to stop once and for all. Now they watch Law and Order with their pants ON, a smile on their face, and a warm feeling in their heart.

A real post is coming soon.


  1. “Oh my God, Sarah, our picture wasn’t supposed to wind up here, not on John’s page, he might come after us with a can of Pillsbury dough, let me jump on your back and try an awkward piggy-back pose which will shove your boobs out to distract him…..oops, that won’t work at all”

    Welcome back, thinking kind thoughts for you, you’ve been missed.

  2. Sarah looks really uncertain about that sassy and thought provoking top, What IS that expression on her face? Is it the new “Blue Steel?”

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