Hi guys. Getting message after message of concern. I know they come from a place of love so thank you. But I will admit that they are stressing me out! Ha. Putting this post up so it’s there for everyone to read who might come and check in here.

I am totally and entirely OKAY. I am over six months sober. I’m moving right along.

My life shifted quite abruptly and I have suddenly been immersed in situations professionally that have demanded a great deal of time and energy. Perhaps too much, too soon. But that is an analysis for another time. After Oct 31, the bulk of what has been going on will be over. At that point, I will begin reassessing where I am at and the role that BALANCE plays in my recovery. Because there hasn’t been good balance over the past few months. There certainly wasn’t enough balance being employed to keep all of the plates spinning. That’s what it has felt like. This shouldn’t feel like a circus act. And it has.

Something had to give. Updating regularly on the internet ended up being that something. It’s not something I wanted to do and I do plan to make this blog, my gratitude group, and my other writings a more pressing part of my daily routine soon.

This is where I am at the moment, and I cannot make any apologies for it. Yet.

Thanks for letting me move through this stretch. Lots to figure out, but until this month is over there is literally and absolutely no way for me to pause long enough to do so. That’s not a good thing, and I know it. But it is what it is.

Keep doing your thing. Stay sober with me. Talk soon. Don’t worry. My absenteeism digitally does not mean I am absent from my life. On the contrary, I think I’m LIVING a little bit TOO MUCH and need to back things down a bit once my current show is over.



  1. I haven’t commented on your blog before, but I am a regular reader. I am very glad to hear you are sober, and that you are busy professionally, even if you feel a bit stretched.

  2. I’m sorry that your stressed and I’m also thrilled that you’re stressed and siber = Reality for all of those fucked up “normals” haha. My friend, if i can call you that, you need not explain or justify but you’ve built something beautiful and given hope and true laugh out loud laughter, it’s hard for us (I should just speak for myself) it’s hard for me not to get that from you on atleast a weekly basis, even if it’s just a “hi, I’m ok” or a funny pic. I get it it you have a life but I also have a strength that’s partly dependent on you.
    I hope I didn’t add more stress but I do want you to know that this post was a big relief for me… Not that because I thought you slipped but because ..you were just there.
    All the best, with respect

  3. PHEW!!!!!! TY for checking in. Nice to know you’re missed isn’t it? Carry on and so shall we, Til you post again. We will be waiting with baited sober breath!

  4. Don’t reply because no answer is needed. It’s only you who can make the decisions that effect your life. So good to hear from you & hope to hear again soon. As they say at the end of a service “May the Lord be with you now and for ever more” I think an Amen is a bit to previous for now.

  5. Sounds like you are right where you need to be- mentally; difficult as it seems. Glad you are going through toughness sober and pushing through difficulties. I don’t know your situation but for some reason I felt I should comment. Continue pushing, fighting and living. I wish you well.

  6. So glad to see your post. I almost cried when I saw “I.m okay”. I started reading your blogs in September when I was 2 months sober. I was having a really rough time, and you made me laugh so hard— I felt like I was hearing from an old friend. I am now 4 months sober, and your writing has helped so much. Good luck with business ventures, enjoy your sober life, and write when things slow down.
    I can relate to your balloon thing—- I opened a can of biscuits once, never again, and fireworks, well just forget about it!!

  7. Glad to hear you are sober and though you’re overwhelmed at the moment, you sound (from your post) that you have it under control and recognize you need to rethink the pace. I’ve missed your posts and thought about you and your sobriety often the last few weeks. I’m so pleased to hear you are going strong at 6 months. I just hit 5 months myself and couldn’t be happier about that. Hang in there.

  8. So good to hear you are well. Balance has always been really hard for me as well. Thanks for the update. Looking forward to your posts whenever you have the time.

  9. I am so glad after reading your blog.The difficulty I find with a Gay clubs in New York is where do people go to meet people? It feels like such a closed circle sometimes and after a while of trying, I just revert back to my comfortable circle of hanging out with friends than venturing out to meet strangers.

      1. My Bad… Won’t pressure you anymore. Glad your still sober and coping just fine.
        K then, so yeah?

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