Got a motherfucking email asking me why I fucking cuss so goddamned much.

The answer is simple, Sally! It helps keep me sober! It’s one of my tools! And it’s soooo fun!

For me, there is something extremely freeing about being verbally explosive when I write here or chat with friends. It feels as if it gets the negative shit OUT of me quicker. Some people scream into pillows. Some people buy a punching bag. But me? I WRITE THE WORD FUCK. And I say it, too.

I understand that superficially it may sometimes appear as if I have major anger issues. And I do. Don’t we all? But I guarantee you that if I didn’t allow for release via words, I’d probably resort to other less kind ways of decompressing… like crashing the birthday parties of little girls dressed like a terrifying clown where I would tell them awful things like, “OMG Taylor Swift IS DEAD!” or, “All of your kittens and puppies have CANCER!”

I choose to view my obscene mouth as a public service that keeps everyone who comes in contact with me safe from more extreme and impolite outbursts.

So it’s on record: This blog is rated R for Recovery, ya’ll, and also for Really Raw Words Sometimes.

Now, I’m not advocating for you guys to call up Ms. Rosetta Stone and purchase her 5 week course in Potty Mouth. But I am encouraging you to do the things that keep you sober as long as they don’t hurt anyone else directly.

Can I get a fucking amen?


  1. day five here and many, many, many curse words have been said. damnit is probably the most often, because somehow that seems less offensive than fuck around children, and its apparent i lack self control. ha.

  2. Hah! Me too!! I’ve also found that in my sober years I drive fast!! I guess its because I can & if I get stopped I certainly won’t get a DUI. Speeding ticket, maybe, but I won’t have to blow anything

  3. Hell yeah! Denis Leary is my all time fav comedian and he says fuck ALOT. When I read your posts sometimes I think of his voice and his agitated way of spouting off. I love it. Keep doing you! That’s why we all tune in. 🙂

  4. A FUCKING MEN. I have never understood people’s hang-ups with curse words. Or at the very least, if you don’t like them, don’t read stuff in which it is obvious that its all about the curse words!!!

  5. Dude. Fucking hilarious. Adults writing on a personal blog can use swear words all they want, and other adults are free not to read it if it offends them. The perpetually offended, or the ‘offenserati’, as I like to call them, can go fuck themselves.

    Now, kids frequently need to be told not to swear, because they use swear words like they use Axe Body Spray: too much, too often. Adults (hopefully) have learned when and how to use swear words (and cologne), and so we’ve earned the freedom to use them in the appropriate situations.

  6. Hi John, I commented a few days ago on an older post. I’ve read your entire blog in the last few days, and I just wanted to say I really related and connected with so much of your journey. Today is 10 days for me and, while I know that is something to be proud of, I know I can’t keep doing this completely alone if I am going to be successful. And I want so badly to be successful. I guess I am reaching out in the hopes that maybe you can point me in the right direction to find an community/group or something that I can join to possibly find some support. Because I know I need it. Especially with as lost as I feel today. Feel free to email me, I’d love any help or insight you could offer. Thank you!

  7. Dear John,
    Today I am so fucking grateful for YOU because you had the wonderful idea to start a gratitude group, which I LOVE, full of amazing sober women, who are AWESOME and who help me every day. THANK YOU!!! I know that all caps means shouting, but you and this group are something to shout about. Merry Christmas and best wishes for much happiness in 2015! 🙂 Will it be another sober year? FUCK YEAH!

  8. Well said! Seriously, nothing like the “F” Word, especially when angry! I will blast that word like it’s a f’en comma, exclaimation point, and an f’en bold font, when speaking. I will even write it, however,this is your post! But, yeah, well said!

  9. Now I’m going to have to buy the stupid hat…

    I’m not sure what powers you possess, but I found this blog on Day 4 (and have since read every single word of it twice) and you have managed to turn this taciturn Yankee introvert into a testifying Mississippi church lady. I keep hearing myself erupt with, “oh, HELL yes” and leaping to my feet waving my hands in the air. I now feel like I have found a place that GETS IT without all of the sanctimonious bullshittage and I really can’t thank you enough. Hope you have time for more soon.

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