I haven’t been working on myself.

I still haven’t taken a drink since 2014, but this separation from an active recovery process is no longer sustainable.

It makes me feel alone.

First post back here. Short. Putting words down.

Trying to figure out what to say next.

Hi blog.


  1. omg hiiii! I missed your posts. I am sober 2.5 years and live in NYC if you want to hang out with a sober buddy. xox

  2. so glad to see you are back. you helped me tremendously 2 years ago when i got sober. I started reading your posts the day i stopped drinking, and read them up to the last one. you are a very special person, and i want to say WELCOME BACK!

  3. SO glad to hear you’re okay…I celebrated nine months on Oct 1 and I read and reread your blog in the early weeks and months. Has it disappeared altogether? My bookmark doesn’t work any more…

    Welcome back!!! And thank you.

  4. A lifeline, you threw it out…and look at the responses.
    I’m still here, many are.
    Happily sober because I do actively work at it…..just acknowledging it helps!
    You will have so much support; please reach out in real life too.
    And keep writing, because I, personally, have missed your voice.
    Sending you support from L.A to NYC

  5. You popped up as an email alert – good to hear from you! Welcome back – looking forward to reading your blogs again and hearing your news..

  6. Hi!! I have been waiting for you to post something forever!!! Your amazing blog helped me to stay sober in the beginning. I could relate to all the things you had to say. Actually, I was wondering if you stopped blogging because you were writing a book. You should, it would be amazing. If I can help in anyway, give a shout out. I💜U!!!!

  7. Welcome back stranger! I have missed your posts sooooo much. I’m glad that you are still AF. Sending you love and support. Xo

  8. I am so happy to get this email! And so happy you are back… your blog was always so brilliant!! Much love and light

  9. Hi. Omg. So happy to hear from you. I am 2.5 years sober or 915 days on sept 30. I know you and I are close inoir sobriety dates. Talk to us. We are hear for you just like you were there for us.
    Love. Irishgirl (Erin)

  10. Welcome back!! I have missed your posts and too have been looking for your blog. I am also one of many who read and re read your blog. Your unique voice and often very funny writing is certainly book worthy!! Sending warm hugs from Illinois.

  11. Well you’re still sober, and that in itself is major accomplishment! We all go through slumps… you’ll be back on top before you know it! Bless you my dear, you’re not alone. ❤️

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  12. I was hoping you were taking a break from the blog to write a memoir! You are a great writer….just a thought. So glad to hear you are sober still. I am 2.5 years too.

  13. I started reading your blogs back in 2014. I never became sober and am still struggling and feel utterly alone and lost. I’m glad you haven’t taken a drink. It’s not worth the pain. It’s the devil. I hope to quit for good, but obviously I’m not ready. I hope you get back into a good place and I hope to see you writing again! You have a gift! Good to hear from you! Xo

  14. First- Glad you’re back and keeping sober. Recovery is so delicate. We think at times we can do it by ourselves but often realize we need our support system. The good news is- you realized it before you took a drink.

    Second- you are not alone! We’ve been here. There have been times in my own recovery. 2.5 years+, that I’ve wondered about you and hoped you were well. Though we’re all strangers, we all understand the challenges of staying sober in the real world.

    You can do it and we’re here with you!
    Take care

  15. I’ll be 3 years sober on the 28th October and it seems to go in cycles. Each cycle of feeling alienated by the need for sobriety that ive pushed through, the more “whole” I’ve felt in the cycle following. So keep pushing as you are definitely not alone.
    Congrats on your awesomeness.

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