Hi! I’m an artist (narcissistic broke person) living in New York City and I’m a loveable, batshit crazy alcoholic. For those of you who haven’t been to our fine concrete jungle where dreams are of (that makes no sense Jay-Z), it’s like Sex in the City but NOT AT ALL. And it smells like pee poop in the summer. NYC basically sits on your chest and pours liquor down your throat. She can be a real asshole. Alcohol is everywhere here and they even deliver it to your front door. That’s not a joke. THEY DO. I’m trying to get sober for the second time. How fucking stupid is that? I thought I had it down toΒ a science, made it through three years without a drink, and then had a beer one night just for shits and giggles. Before I knew it, I had misplaced half of my underwear wardrobe and remained drunk/hungover for just about six years (hence the name of the blog). This alcoholism and recovery thing is serious business but it is also so fucking insane that it just happens to be hilariously funny at the same time and I really try hard to find the humor in the disaster. I also do a lot of Oprah ugly crying so I guarantee you it’s not all puppies and ponies up in here.Β I’m gay even though I have a beard (WHAT?) and I have a Chihuahua even though I’m fat (CONTRAST) so if you have a problem with either one of those things, better pick up the phone and call your therapist Linda right away. Please follow this blog so you are updated to new posts! And comment! Your strength is my strength and I want to meet great people through this blog! Let’s be sober sisters! We can stay up late talking about vodka and how we used to throw up on people. And if we get bored, we can give each other French braids!





  1. Love your introduction, I hope we can be sisters! I’ve just started my very own little blog (it’s really tiny right now) but as each day goes by, it will grow. Look forward to keeping in touch with your posts. Sober Wife x

  2. Thankyou fellow alcoholic artist ( the assumption that one begets or relies on the other has worn thin) One week today , enjoy your humour and reflection

  3. I am a couple months into my sobriety and like you, I’ve been reading whatever I can online, particularly sober blogs. Your blog is hilarious yet I appreciate the struggle and admire your humor in the face of the depression and hopelessness that goes along with it. I’ve decided to start my own blog. I live in Wyoming (can’t be much further from or different than NYC) and I’m an alcoholic but have another obsession: racing triathlons. So my blog is about both. I love reading your posts and I am looking to start my own sober online community and would love it if you want to be part of it. My blog is trisober.com. Good luck and keep writing, you’re gifted.

  4. Love your blog. You’re honest and hilarious – the perfect combo! I’m one of the lurkers who is finally taking the plunge and following you. Nice to meet you and I’m looking forward to spending the long, hot summer with you. πŸ™‚

  5. I think your blog is great. I was fascinated by your story of the hell you went through weekends in your home with your boyfriend, trying to pretent you were, sort of, OK in front if him, but dying inside. That’s very much me! Am really trying hard to stop & stay stopped..I hate it, it makes me feel so I’ll. Why do we do it to ourselves x

  6. You are hilarious, I just found your blog and solo happy about it:) I’m on day 35, and look forward to sitting down and reading your blog tonight after the kids are in bed. Congrats on your 90 days! Nice to see you here:)

  7. What can I say, I like the way you put this together. It’s another level of seeing all this sh*t around us.
    Hand shakes to you!

  8. I just read your entire blog. It’s fabulous. I had so many laugh-out-loud, spitting my tea all over the place moments that I now have you to thank for awesome new abs. You are inspirational.

  9. First of you, thank you for visiting my blog and for following me. Of course I had to come here and “check you out”, I am nosy by nature and can’t help it, it’s a birth defect -I am female. Being older doesn’t help either :-). Two things I noticed write away after reading your ‘about page’ and one of your posts. #1 You really don’t give me choice, I have to follow you #2 I think I just fell in love a little bit :-). So “Hi” nice to meet you!

      1. Oh you like food, that explains it; I was wondering why you would read “ThehappyQuitter” since you already stopped smoking :-). Well, I will try to make your stomach growl in the future and I hope you are open-minded πŸ™‚

  10. I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. Your blog is my favourite addictions blog and one of the blogs I always make sure to catch up on after life gets a bit hectic and wordpress gets neglected. I’ve written a little more about why I have nominated you on my blog to let people know why I think they should read your blog. There is no obligation to accept the award but if you are interested then the rules are within the same post http://dont-want-to-exist.com/2014/08/14/liebster-award/

  11. Two weeks sober today. No more worrying that the maintenance guy will notice me carrying more than one empty handle of vodka to the trash room at a time. I have been obsessively reading your blog the past couple days and it is helping. On my lunch break. Tears in my eyes. But I got this. If not, I die. This I know. Thanks friend. Much love from Texas.

  12. Just joined AA after being drunk for the past 10 years. Living in bangkok which is an amazing, vibrant city but I only just realized that after waking up from vodka coma. All of my friends here are artists and mostly gay and mostly gone. Now that I have decided to stop drinking and get my shit together it seems my friends no longer find me appealing. It’s really depressing and I think it would be so easy to get them back if I were to meet them at one of our haunts. Buttttttt, being in AA I now know those people aren’t my friends and they are addicts and I’m lucky enough to get before it totally took me under. I’m still at the early stages and worry I’m boring and not fun anymore 😦 Aaaaaanyway, I love your blog. You totally give me hope and make me laugh and remind me that sobriety is really amazing!

  13. Loving your blog. I’m nearly 9 months sober and still wondering how I managed to not drink myself to death. Still figuring this shit out, that’s what I love about this sober blog community, every insight helps us all. Peace.

  14. trying to get sober (11 days whoooohooo) here on “Strong Island”. It’s nice to find another blog to read that’s not by a woman– not that all the other blogs aren’t good…. I guess it’s what this self proclaimed faghag needs in the hard work of sobriety!!!! looking forward to following you!!!

  15. Hi there 6yearhangover. great blog! I had a lot of gays friends but left ’em all since I moved out of the country. Looking forward on following you πŸ™‚

  16. Congrats to you!!! Today is 30 days in a row for me. This has not happened on 20 years! My partner of 25 years is equally happy. I am encouraged by reading your posts. There is a book titled The Easy Way to Quit Drinking by Allen Carr. It has worked a miracle for me. You may want to check it out. Good luck to you and your partner.

  17. I just binge read your blog – much like I drank and smoked but that’s a WHOLE other story πŸ™‚ Anyway, I want to commend you on your bravery, your honesty, your humour and for sharing the most private aspects of your journey. You have a natural gift for writing and coupled with your ability to self examine, it makes for some pretty special reading. Your story has really (yes, really) helped me become more determined to get this sobriety thing nailed and if you’ve achieved that, I know you must have done it with others so…. thank you. You’re doing good things xx

  18. Your blog is hilarious and I just shared a link to it here: https://www.facebook.com/zeromoderation.

    Goddamn that sounded spammy. I swear it wasn’t. I mean, I am an admin on that page and we are just starting out and I sort of did link you because I’m looking for cool things to link BUT I totally am not replying here about it here in the hopes that you’ll get curious and go check it out and become interested in what we’re doing. THAT would be spammy. Anyway. I love your blog. So be flattered. πŸ™‚

  19. Thank you!!! Motherfucking eggs… I’m 89 days sober and had a meltdown over corn CORN I googled Paws and your blob popped up. You made me laugh thank you, Shan

  20. Just came across your blog. Love what I am reading so far. Definitely inspiring me to start writing again. My blog is called 25 to Life. I came out when I was 25 with almost three years sober. That was almost a year ago. Feel like I could learn a lot from you. Keep on writing man. Cheers.

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